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Join us at F8 if you’re not in San Francisco on March 25 and 26. We’ll live stream the main keynote, other key sessions of the day and bring you interviews live from the show floor on both days. Register now to stay informed and receive exclusive F8 content only for online at tendees and reminders leading up to the event.

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2014 Highlights

2014 Highlights

A short highlight video, bringing you the best of everything F8 2014 in San Fransisco.

Monetize: Small Changes, Big Payoffs

Getting paid is one of the biggest points of friction in the customer acquisition funnel. Learn how Facebook approaches and optimizes for growth on payments. Walk away with relevant tips and tactics to optimize your payment flows and more.


Monetize: Monetize Your App with Audience Network

Mobile ads on Facebook have been tremendously effective. Now these ads are ready for your app. Join us in this session to get a deeper look into how to build your business with Facebook’s new Audience Network.


Monetize: Leveraging Facebook for Ecommerce

Learn about our view on the changing ecommerce landscape, and how Facebook’s solutions can help ecommerce merchants drive sales across devices.


Grow: Using Advertising to Reach the Right People at Scale

Get a crash course in mobile app advertising and learn how to get the most out of your ad campaigns. From finding new customers to keeping them engaged, discover how you can use mobile app ads to connect with the people who matter most for your app.


Grow: Sourcing and Distribution of Social Content for Media

Whether for news, sports or entertainment, you can make your story richer and more relevant using Facebook content and data. Learn how broadcast and digital media companies can use Facebook’s APIs and building tools to enable seamless content sourcing and integration. We’ll also talk about the different ways content is surfaced in News Feed and share tips for optimization.


Build: Local Datastore and Security in Your Parse App

Learn how to give people a great experience in your app under a broad range of network conditions, including no network connection at all, with Parse Local Datastore. We’ll also discuss the security features Parse provides to keep your data and users safe.


Build: Getting Started with Parse

Parse lets app developers focus on creating unique and engaging apps without having to worry about server maintenance or infrastructure. We’ll provide an overview of features like data storage, push notifications and analytics to help you quickly get your app up and running.


Build: Everything You Need to Know About the New Login

Learn more about the biggest update to Facebook Login since its introduction. Find out how we’re making Login a fast and more secure sign up experience while also giving people more clarity and control of the information that they’re sharing with apps. If your app uses Login, please make sure that you attend.


Hacker Way: Rethinking Web App Development at Facebook

Delivering reliable, high-performance web experiences at Facebook’s scale has required us to challenge some long-held assumptions about software development. Join us to learn how we abandoned the traditional MVC paradigm in favor of a more functional application architecture.


Hacker Way: Releasing & Optimizing Mobile Apps for the World

How does Facebook build and release apps so frequently? How do we work to make them successful on devices and networks of all types? We’ll share what we’ve learned by developing and launching mobile apps for people all around the world.


Grow: Sharing Goes Mobile

Help drive organic referrals from the people who love using your app with our mobile sharing options. In addition to the Share Dialog, we’ll talk about new ways for people to share 1:1 and like your app’s content.


Monetize: The Seven Deadly Sins of Game Monetization

Learn practical tips about how to tune your game for success. We’ll share examples and data on seven common pitfalls we’ve seen and how to avoid them. Game developers won’t want to miss this essential checklist.


Hacker Way: Mobile Engineering at Facebook's Scale

Join us as we talk about how we build mobile apps at Facebook: the way in which dozens of engineering teams work together on our flagship apps, and–at the other extreme–how one small team created the unique experience in our most recent iOS app, Paper.


Grow: From Lapsed to Loyal: Mobile Engagement Strategies

Did you know 66% of app users open their apps between 1 and 10 times? In this session we’ll focus on how you can thoughtfully re-engage people through push, email and mobile app ads.


Grow: Solving the Discovery Dilemma for Games

There are thousands of games competing to be discovered on the app stores. Find out how we’re helping to solve the challenge of games discovery on mobile and web. Learn how the next generation of games is making everything better through social interactions and sharing.


Build: App Links: Linking Made Simple and Easy on Mobile

App Links is an open cross-platform solution for linking directly to a native app. Learn how to make your app linkable and link to other apps to improve your user experience, engagement and advertising.


Hacker Way: Designing the New Messenger

Curious how we design mobile products at Facebook? Get a peek under the hood at the design process behind the new Messenger, released in November 2013 and updated since. You’ll see how we approached the design problem, get a sense for the tools we used, and take away the learnings.


Hacker Way: Facebook's High Performance Server Infrastructure

With over a billion people using our apps, the performance of our web servers–and the efficiency of the tools we use–are vitally important. Catch up on the latest additions to HHVM, our flagship PHP runtime project, and dig into our new programming language, Hack.


Build: Getting to Know the Graph API 2.0

As a follow-up to the Login session, we’ll do a technical walkthrough to show how you can migrate your existing mobile and web apps to the new Facebook Login and the new version of the Graph API. Learn more about how we’re making platform more stable, improving the developer experience, and the new APIs we’re introducing to make key use cases easier to achieve.


Welcome to f8

See Elke Karskens, Facebook Product Marketing Manager, welcome everyone to the live stream and to f8.


Monetize: Disruptive Mobile Businesses

Widespread mobile adoption is enabling disruptive business models at dizzying speeds. Join us for a panel discussion with industry leaders for a conversation about the solutions they’re employing to take advantage of these new opportunities.

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